Thursday, 30 May 2013


It is my honour to inform the President that my army has this day won a great victory on the battle-field near a place called Cutler’s Farm. We were engaged with General Lee’s forces from first light and though they made a fearsome assault on my left with General Jackson’s Corps, we bravely stood our ground and fought the enemy to a standstill.

On my right General Longstreet tried in vain to get around our flank but was held and then thrown back by Porter’s Corps. The arrival of the Corps of Sigel and Heintzelman at Sharpeville by mid-morning then enabled me to change my stance from one of defence to offence. My Regiments rallied and pushed forward and the enemy troops became greatly demoralised and started to withdraw in some disorder.

As our glorious army has now amassed 10 VP’s the campaign has been concluded with victory for the Union. The Rebel army is in full rout and being pursued by Buford’s cavalry, many of the enemy prisoners are disheartened saying they wish they had never fought for the Confederacy and that they would be glad to see the Union restored. I expect my forces to be before the gates of Richmond very shortly where I plan to accept Lee’s sword in surrender!

General John Pope
Army H.Q. Sharpeville, Virginia
2nd August 1862

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