Tuesday, 17 March 2015

12.20pm 13 Sept 1862 – Game Over!

After a hard fought contest Williamsport has finally fallen and D H Hill has been marched into captivity along with several thousand of his men. The resulting haul of VP’s has swung the battle to a Union Minor Victory and Lee has decided to call it a day.

It was a hard fought and very disjointed game from my perspective full of tactical blunders due largely to the frustration of not being able to properly concentrate my army. Dave’s move to take Williamsport meant that my forces became strung out as they attempted to respond to the threat and nowhere could I bring my superior numbers to bear, in particular my artillery.

Dave fought a tight tactical game but made two blunders that cost him victory. Firstly he allowed Wade Hampton’s cavalry brigade to become surrounded and destroyed early in the game handing me a much needed VP and morale boost. Secondly he kept D H Hill at Williamsport rather than either move towards Hagerstown (which would have forced me to send Burnside after him) or bring him directly south on my flank.

A great game but neither of us will be winning any prizes for generalship for this one!