Saturday, 19 October 2013

Randolph’s Ferry – end of day 2

The last two or three hours of daylight saw some ferocious combat on West Ridge and Black Elk Mountain. By 6.00pm, as darkness fell, Thomas had managed to secure our foothold on West Ridge with the brigades of Spears and Walker pushing back the Rebels. The plan for day 3 is to continue to push hard at the centre of Bragg’s line in the hope of a break through.

Orders are as follows:

Crittenden – continue to hold your present position to prevent the enemy from shifting troops from his right. Push forward a strong skirmish line.

Thomas – secure West Ridge and HOLD, then bring up your artillery and bombard the enemy to your front in preparation for an attack.

McCook – continue to ENGAGE the enemy on Black Elk Mountain.

It is possible that Bragg may organise a counter-attack at first light, if so I expect him to assault our right flank with Cleburne’s veterans near Leggett’s Mill.

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