Friday, 28 November 2014

8.00am 12 Sept 1862 – turn 1

The only information I have at this stage is that “Confederate troops are marching north through Martinsburg”. If the report is true then I can expect them to cross the Potomac at either Falling Waters or Williamsport. However, it seems much more likely to me that Dave would choose to come directly along the Pike from Shepherdstown towards Sharpsburg giving him the shortest possible route into Maryland.

Pleasonton leads the cavalry up the Hagerstown-Boonsborough Pike.

As a precaution I have ordered Pleasonton to take the cavalry up the Hagerstown-Boonsborough Pike to be in a position to scout the more northerly crossings of the river. Hooker’s 1st corps will follow the cavalry whilst Sumners 2nd corps and Porters 5th corps move parallel to him and cross South Mountain via Fox Gap. Mansfield (12th corps), Franklin (6th corps) and Burnside (9th corps) are to head directly towards Sharpsburg.

The Rebs are out there somewhere and I need to find them fast!

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