Sunday, 25 January 2015

8.00pm 12 Sept 1862 – turn 37

There has been little in the way of combat over the last few turns other than some long range artillery fire. I am attempting to move my army northwest to prevent the Rebels at Williamsport from joining up with their main body to the south. However, progress is frustratingly slow and I am concerned that my forces are being spread too thin – in true McClellan style I feel that I need at least one more army corps!

The general situation shortly before dusk (turn 33) showing that both armies are gradually moving northwest.

Turn 37 is the first of the night moves for the night of 12-13 September. Visibility is reduced to just one hex and turns now represent one hour (rather than 20 minutes) troops that move suffer quite heavy fatigue that reduces their combat effectiveness. As a result I’ve decided to halt all movement until dawn on the 13th as I doubt that Dave will risk any major movements either.

 The VP chart at the end of turn 37.

The current VP score stands slightly in my favour but Dave has managed to slowly whittle this away since the drubbing of his cavalry on the Smoketown Road. Although I have an advantage in numbers the quality of the Confederate troops means that they still pose a very serious threat and trying to keep my troops concentrated remains a priority.

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