Thursday, 5 February 2015

6.20am 13 Sept 1862 – turn 50

“Expect the unexpected” as the used to say at West Point – unfortunately McClellan must have nodded off during that particular class as Dave has played a blinder and definitely caught me napping!

The Rebel guns are deadly in such a forward position and my own men lack the ability to take them head on being mostly C, D and E grade. My only option will be to withdraw before too many units skedaddle.

Under cover of darkness he has concentrated the Divisions of Anderson and McLaws to the north of Tilghmanton and launched a dawn attack into the flank of Sumner’s men catching them in column as they headed towards Jones Crossroads to join up with Franklin and Porter. Fortunately the sheer number of troops I have at hand has blunted the Rebel advance but Dave has cannily placed his artillery in the front line where it has caused heavy casualties amongst my men.

Burnside's men advance against the Rebels at Willaimsport.

Meanwhile at Williamsport I have ordered Burnside to make an attack on the enemy with the aim of keeping them cooped up in the town. The quality of most of Burnside’s troops is pretty poor but they should have enough clout to prevent the Confederates from breaking out and heading south towards Lee’s main force.

The general situation at the end of turn 50 - the red units to the southeast are Stuart's cavaly who have just taken Boonsborough along with 20VPs.

Away to the east Stuart’s cavalry have taken Boonsborough and are now heading north towards Hagerstown. I am starting to concentrate my own cavalry in anticipation that they will be needed shortly to combat this threat.

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