Thursday, 19 February 2015

8.40am 13 Sept 1862 – turn 57

After some fierce fighting around Tilghmanton I’ve been forced to disengage Sumner and Franklin and contract my left flank. The Rebel guns have continued to cause heavy casualties and it has become clear that any assault by my infantry would have had little chance of success. The Confederates are also disengaging and both sides are starting to shift troops further west.

 The situation around Jones Crossroads as both sides disengage.

Meanwhile Burnside has started to attack D H Hill’s force at Williamsport and I have sent Mansfield up to support him. I also took the decision to order Pleasonton to cross the Potomac at Falling Waters and head northeast to cut off the enemy’s path of retreat from Williamsport. This seems a potentially better use of my cavalry than sending them on a wild goose chase after JEB Stuart.

 Burnside's men close in on D H Hill.

My plan now is to try and eliminate D H Hill’s division at Williamsport by completely encircling it. This should give me enough VP’s for a minor victory. I then hope to launch an attack on Lee’s left flank to seal my victory!

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