Saturday, 28 February 2015

11.00pm 13 Sept 1862 – turn 64

The Rebels at Williamsport are now completely surrounded by my troops but they’re putting up a terrific fight in defence of the town. It looks as if I will have to wear them down by attrition as my infantry are having a hard job taking them on by direct assault.

Pleasonton's troopers have now crossed the Potomac to complete the encirclement of D.H.Hill's command at Williamsport.

Dave has mounted a strong attack from the direction of Downsville presumably with the aim of trying to relieve D H Hill at Williamsport or at least draw my reserves away. However, I had already sent two divisions from Mansfield’s corps south with the idea of preventing such a move and a new fight has developed along the line of a stream south of the Otho Williams farm.

The Rebels attack towards the Otho Williams farm scattering some of my men - but more are on the way!

Elsewhere I have ordered attacks to bring pressure all along the enemy line and stretch the Confederate defenders as much as possible. These attacks have been costly however as Dave still has a very strong gun line all along his front.

 The general situation across the main battlefield at 11.00am.

Somewhere surely the Rebels must have a weak spot but so far I have failed to find it!

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