Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sharpeville Turns 3 - 4

I’ve just completed the 8.30am turn and we’ve had our first sighting of the enemy. Stuart has moved Robertson’s Cavalry Division to a position east of Sharpeville (near the Schimmel Farm) where he has been scouted by Tompkins troopers from the square above. This is hardly a surprising development as by now I was expecting to detect at least one of the Rebel Cavalry units as they move forward on reconnaissance.

The situation to the east of Sharpeville at 8.30am. Roberston's Confederate
cavalry have been scouted near the Schimmel Farm

Meanwhile, Schenck’s Division of Sigel’s Corps has reached the town of Fremont while Bayard’s Cavalry have pushed on south as far as Roswell without making any contact with the enemy. In the centre McDowell’s Corps, with the artillery reserve, is nearing Sharpeville while Porter’s V Corps and Army HQ are yet to make a move at all.

Sigel's Corps are securing Fremont while Bayard pushes
on seeking contact with the enemy.

The burning question being asked here at Union HQ is of course “where the heck is the rest of Lee’s army?” Perhaps it is still a little too early to be expecting any contact with the enemy infantry because they are hampered by the same CP movement limits as we are. So for the moment I have to put myself in Dave’s shoes and think what I would do in his place?*

The position of the Union forces at the end of Turn 4.

My answer; I guess he would be moving towards the Union left, where the terrain is more open, knowing that at least part of the Union army will have to stay and protect Fremont. Such a move would stretch my forces and negate the northern superiority in numbers in any table battle. The fact that the first contact has been made on my left helps back up this theory so for now I am working on the basis that Lee is moving northeast.

*You are more fortunate than me because you can find out what Dave’s up to simply by clicking this link to his Wilderness Tavern blog.

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