Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sharpeville Turns 5 - 6

Well, I didn’t see that coming – it’s 9.30 and Jackson is on my flank! As you know, I had been expecting some activity on my left but nothing like this. Somehow Dave has managed to manoeuvre Jackson’s Corps to a position due east of Sharpeville and then cross Berry Creek forcing a contact with Tompkin’s Cavalry.

Ewell and A P Hill have come out of nowhere to land square on my left flank!

However, in the best tradition of Dad’s Army I’m not going to panic! Porter’s V Corps along with Army HQ are being hurried forward (due to a lucky 5 on my CP die roll) while Heintzelman concentrates his men at Sharpeville.

Tompkins retires whilst the rest of my army is
continuing to concentrate at Sharpeville.

Discretion being the better part of valour, I have withdrawn Tompkin’s troopers conceding Dave his first Victory Point (VP) of the game (VP’s are awarded for forcing an enemy map unit to retreat as well as for occupying Victory Locations and winning battles).

The situation at 9.30am - it would be nice to know where the rest of the Rebel army is!

If the Rebs don’t try to initiate a battle next turn then I may soon be in a position to do so myself. Either way though it looks as if Dave may succeed in forcing a battle that negates my superiority in numbers as Sigel’s Corps will have to remain at Fremont to protect the VP site there.

If you want to see what those darn Rebs are up to click here.

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