Thursday, 4 December 2014

10.20am 12 Sept 1862 – turn 8

The army is making good progress aided by the excellent road net leading out from South Mountain. Where we have encountered enemy cavalry patrols they have quickly melted away at the approach of my infantry although my own troopers have suffered a few casualties from the fire of Stuart’s horse artillery.

My aim now is to keep the Confederates pinned against the banks of the Potomac as much as possible to deny Dave room for manoeuvre. Hooker’s 1st corps is moving in a wide arc on the extreme right the army to intercept the Hagerstown-Sharpsburg pike and prevent the enemy from moving in that direction. On the opposite flank Mansfield’s 12th corps has pushed forward to within a few hundred yards of Antietam Creek.

The leading elements of Mansfield's 12th corps deploy just a few hundred yards away from Antietam Creek. The question marks show the presence of enemy forces that are out of sight but were scouted by my own cavalry during the turn.

More and more enemy infantry can be seen arriving in Sharpsburg and one column has started to move out of the town heading north. I’m now 99% sure that Lee’s entire army is making for Sharpsburg however Pleasonton will be arriving at Williamsport within the hour to confirm whether or not there is any enemy activity in the area.

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