Monday, 15 December 2014

3.20pm 12 Sept 1862 – turn 23

Pleasonton’s men have been forced to pull back at Williamsport under pressure from massed Rebel batteries across the Potomac, however they have done their job and I suspect now that Lee has abandoned plans to cross the river in force at this point and sent the bulk of his forces back to Falling Waters.

The strategic situation at 3.20pm - a major clash appears to be developing near Jones Crossroads.

Meanwhile the forces of both sides are continuing to gather in the area of Jones Crossroads and this now seems likely to be the location of a major battle. My corps are too widely dispersed to mount an attack today so I will spend the remaining hours of daylight concentrating them and shortening our lines with the idea of an assault tomorrow.

 "Throw down your weapons Rebs, you're surrounded!" They didn't of course and next turn my infantry emptied close on 800 saddles.

The men of Sumner’s and Mansfield’s corps have had a major success on the Smoketown road where they isolated and destroyed Wade Hampton’s cavalry brigade. JEB Stuart will be all out for revenge after this humiliation and I will have to keep a close eye on the rear areas of our battle line as we continue to deploy.

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